Committee Volunteers

RMEF is fueled by volunteer participation.  San Fernando Valley is no exception.  Most of our volunteers have been with us for many years, a fact which testifies both to the rewarding nature of the volunteer opportunities with SFV but also the compatibility of the group.  Many other folks just help out when they can at an event or behind the scenes at the banquet.  Everyone is welcome! 

Your SFV Committee Members and Volunteers:

  • John Dodson, 1994      (Founding Member)

  • Mike Post, 1995

  • Cathy O'Connor, 1998

  • Mike Fiore, 2007

  • Carlos Gomez, 2007

  • Kathy Post, 2007

  • Debra Hurst 2012

  • MICHAEL LUCAS (2016)

  • MIKE HANDBERG (2016)

  • BOB HEISER (2016)

  • BILL GARCIA (2017)


  • JOSEPH & KYLA YOUNG (2018)

Founding Chairman, 1994, Ed Berger

Departed Committee Members:  Rome Dodson (1994-2015 R.I.P.), Bill O'Connor (1998-2016 R.I.P.)

Current Committee Positions:

  • Chairman:  John Dodson

  • Co-Chair:  BOB HEISER 

  • Finance/Ticketing: Cathy O'Connor

  • Merchandise: BOB HEISER

  • Firearms: jOE yOUNG

  • Trips & Hunts: Mike Post

  • Games: mIKE hANDBERG

  • Publications: MIKE POST

What does a SFV volunteer get involved with?  Our primary duties revolve around staging the annual fund raising banquet each spring.  We participate in public outreach efforts for RMEF.  We host and guide the annual junior elk hunt on the Chimineas Ranch.  We also participate in real "boots on the ground" volunteer efforts in support of the Tule elk herd on the Chimineas.  In that regard SFV volunteers have worked on elk captures and relocations, installed solar pumps for guzzlers, laid thousands of feet of pipe to supply new wildlife ponds, adopted a suite in the Chimineas ranch house and provided needed maintenance on the ranch.  All this in support of what we call "L. A.'s Elk" on the ranch.